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Champion Mindset Mastery

It’s about MASTERING the Champion Mindset – that is, your unique thoughts and beliefs that predict your every move, and reprogram them for success.

Do you know the difference between a growth mindset or fixed toxic mindset? It's probably what keeps people stuck from discovering the TRUTH about prosperity and success and uncovering unconscious beliefs about money, influence and achievement. When you learn how to shift your mindset you’ll never have to worry again about achieving your goals. 

It’s about waking up the sleeping giant that is lying dormant… in your life and business.
It’s about BREAKING the negative behavior pattern, and having the POWER to conquer and confront the limiting beliefs and toxic mindset that’s holding you back from being the highest and most authentic self.

“You are one shift away from your breakthrough" ~Latricia
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The Champion Mindset Mastery Program will SHIFT your mind for success with the 5 Modules that are designed to:

• Break the rule and master your inner game with practical strategies that you can add to your day to day activities so you can create your ultimate life and lifestyle while expanding your business.

• SHIFT your confidence and belief levels so you can achieve greater success and have more freedom in your life and business.

• Remove the invisible barriers of limiting mindset and reactive patterns that have been sabotaging your dreams. 

The SHIFT Mindset Formula

You have the power to be as successful as you want, and I’m going to show you exactly HOW in my brand new course, Mastering the Champion Mindset.

Module 1: Strategically
Module 2: Harness
Module 3: Inner 
Module 4: Foundational
Module 5: Thoughts

You will recevie the bonus 21 Day Breakthrough Mindset Audio Series. This is an advanced scientifically proven mental and emotional strategy which is designed to emanate your mind for maximum performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if this mastery mindset program is right for me? 

What results can I expect from this program?

  1. Are you living in a state of fear, greed, scarcity, and self sabotage?
  2. Have you every found yourself restless and longing to have more freedom?
  3. Are there dreams inside of you that have never been realized because you don't know where to start?
  4. Do you feel stuck in the same place you've been for years and can't seem to get out?
  5. Do you find yourself constantly starting new projects and never completing anything? 
  6. Is it true that the moment you start thinking positive a negative thought comes to stop you? 
  7. Are you a powerful CEO in life and business but find yourself still desiring to have a greater impact in the world?

If you said yes, to any or all of these questions...this program is just what you've been searching (praying) for.

This course is will shift your mindset by teach the foundational principles to how you gather information. We provide tools for reprogramming negative thoughts and teach you how to destroy procrastination and get into a champion mindset that dominates the marketplace. ​​

How are the classes offered? 

This 10 week intensive is an interactive course is  conducted primarily online and with face to face experiences with Latricia (and other industry experts) once every two weeks.

You will have resources tools, and group interaction to enhance the learning experience. 

What's my investment?

I'm so glad you ask, success requires your full committment and the greatest gift you can give your future is investing in yourself. This program is valued at $4,997, but we've created a special promotional offer just for you for $2,497 (there are only 5 seats left in this program. 


"Latricia Chisholm is a phenomenal woman who possesses a strong passion for helping others become all that they are meant to be. How does she do that? Well, with her incredible insight, she meets you where you are and challenges you to use your God-given talents to achieve your optimal best. You will enjoy Latricia…she never disappoints.

Marie H. 
Retired Financial Services VP

"From the moment we meet, I knew that there was something special about Latricia. We've been working together ever since."​
Elaine P., Holistic Health Coach, Executive Recruiter
"Latricia is a true woman of God, integrity and character. I have worked with her for over the last 6 years and her drive to mentor and empower others is proven successful. She has the ability to move mountains and her footprint is transforming the world."

Bertha B. 
Bambi’s Consignment Boutique, Owner

 "I launched my brand,  I had clients within my first 6 months.  I have gotten my name out there for others to get to know.  Now people know me by my brand.  I have continued to grow in my business and my gift due to this program.  This program got me in the mindset of thinking like an entrepreneur,  a mogul and also as a woman of God with a destiny to fulfill."
Shantey B., Image Consultant
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Latricia Chisholm

Latricia Chisholm, CEO of Emerge specializing in Entrepreneurial Leadership and Personal Development has a unique way of helping clients by sharing useful strategies and guiding principles to inspire intentional growth which ultimately leads to personal power, abundance and prosperity. Known as a Trainer of Champions she quickly identify your areas of strength and guides you through a process that leads to maximizing your full potential through her ground-breaking “Champion Mindset” Formula.
She is dedicated to teaching others how to build trust in sustainable relationships that strengthen; inspire and ultimately empower people to live the highest vision of their life in the context of love, spirituality and personal development.  Using her cutting edge techniques she helps people create profound change and dynamic balance to overcome life’s challenges.
Her motto is “Leave No Dream Unfulfilled”, she believes that if a dream or vision has been placed inside of you-it’s your responsibility to answer yes to the higher calling and walk powerfully in your divine destiny!
She currently resides in Western New York with her family.

“You are one shift away from your breakthrough" ~Latricia

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